Welcome Back Party

Welcome Back Halloween Party - October 29, 2023

Invitations for the Couples 18 Welcome Back Halloween Party went out last week. You should have received an email from Parker Everingham, our Assistant Pro.   

Make sure you click the link www.golfgenius.com/ggid/dajswm  in order to register through Golf Genius. The location is the Event Hall and the cost is $25 per member/$35 for non-members.  The registration deadline is October 15 and cancellations are due by October 15 in order to avoid member charges.

The Party is on Sunday, October 29.  Cocktails will start at 4:30pm with the buffet rolling out at 5:00pm. There will be plenty of photo opportunities for you, costumes are optional, along with a photo booth to capture the memories! Don't miss out!


“Spook”etti Bar



"Eye"talian Meatballs

"Maniac" Marinara Sauce

"Apparition" Alfredo Sauce

"Spider" Caesar Salad


“Monster” Mexican Bar

"Carnage" Carnitas Tacos

"Graveyard" Chicken Enchiladas

"Blood Red" Rice

"Bewitching" Black Beans


"Dungeon" Dessert Bar

"Spider Web" Brownies

Rice Crispy Mummies

Gummy Worm Chocolate Mousse Cups